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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get your Mother this holiday? Take a peek at our Mother's Day gift ideas for home spa, gardening and lounging...(more)

IS: International Style

plus size floral special occasion dress
There's something about international style. It's why Paris and Milan fashion shows happen before New York and why designers shop the streets of Europe to get inspiration for American fashion. International style is a combination of two things...a certain flair for putting things together and a way that even the simplest top has a certain twist, a certain drape, a certain fabric, that just makes it special. That's why OneStopPlus.com has international designs by Taillissime, Ellos, City Chic, and La Redoute, among others. For some women, it's their whole closet. For others, it's just that one piece that you put on to have some special jou jou – a French expression that means playful and fun fashion. Here are a few of my faves!...(more)

Scentsibility: Best Fragrances for Women

Marc Jacobs variety fragrance
Choose your favorite and shop our fragrances for women based on major perfume categories: floral, fruity, citrus, gourmand, oriental and mossy or woodsy...(more)

Sizzle In Our Plus Size Swimwear This Summer

Enjoy our fabulous selection of on-trend plus size swimwear from your favorite brands. Shop swimdresses, tankinis and other plus size bathing suits...(more)

Maximum Benefits: Plus Size Maxi Dresses

Get ready for the season's best body balancers. These plus size maxi dresses and casual dresses minimize what you don't love and play up your assets. After all, spring and summer are when we want to have lots of color, curves and compliments!...(more)

Those Mad Men and Women

For those of you who’ve watched Mad Men over the past several seasons, you’ve seen them going from Mad Men (i.e. Madison Men, advertising execs) to literally Mad Men, through affairs, wives, drugs, and drinking ‘til they dropped. Like Sex and the City, we watch Mad Men fashion as much as we do the fabulous story lines, so it’s time to give homage to the other stars of the show – the clothes. Let’s play dress-up, so just choose a character and get ready to steal their style!...(more)

Burst out of Boredom with your Spring Clothes

It’s official…spring is here and the country is started to defrost after the worst winter in decades. No wonder we are all ready for some pretty pastels with our new spring clothes…a garden of yellow, pink, lavender and baby blue set to burst into closets to banish the darkness of winter. Pick a color, your favorite color, and enjoy the luxury of finding that color in dresses, tops and jeans. And we’re not playing around…literally hundreds of tops, dresses and bottoms in every one of your favorite colors. It’s such a fun season and here are just a few of our faves!...(more)

Say Yes to Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Shop OneStopPlus.com's plus size special occasion dresses for weddings. Learn what to wear to a wedding if you're the mother, bridesmaid, guest or bride!...(more)

Spring Cleaning

purse rack
For some, it’s a good idea and for others, it’s a compulsion. It’s a rite. It’s a ritual. It’s spring cleaning! Whether you’re an open-up-the-windows and air out the place kind of girl, or a full top-to-bottom scrubber, it just makes you feel good to literally start fresh. Closets and clothes are no exception. Clear the bed, start piling up the stuff, and get ready to put away, give away, throw away, and replace favorites. Easy when you have the ultimate closet organizers...(more)

Get A Kick Out Of Spring

Every few years, the trends are so much fun that you actually get excited to shop. This Spring, the shoe trends are fun and realistic…no skinny stilettos. Instead, we have chunky heels, bright and pastel colors, and flowered spring shoes that make your clothes smile. Here are some of the most fun new spring shoes I’ve seen in years!..(more)

Classic Beauties

“A classic is an outstanding example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality. In fashion, clothes are called 'classic' to denote a long-standing popular version”. While we all may have different definitions of our personal classics, the ultimate fashion icon girl was Audrey Hepburn. If you look through your ‘classics’, they will probably include the cardigan, narrow cropped pants, little black dress, pencil skirt, pearl earrings, black belt, and what I like to call the “ladies who lunch” purse...all made famous by Ms. Hepburn. The best thing about classics is that they fit every body and every body type...(more)

All-Year-Rounded Wardrobe

Isn't it time your clothes work as hard as you do? Fortunately, with the new fabrics and season-less styling, more and more of your clothes can be worn all year long, so you only have to check the weather, not the calendar. Considering our country has weather as diverse as our women, you can literally go from 40 degrees at night to 80 degrees in the day, or heat and AC turning everything but our clothes inside out. You know how real estate is all about location, location, location…well, season-less dressing is all about fabric, fabric, fabric. The best season-less fabrics are cotton, denim and ponte, and the key to making everything season-less is layering. You can wear a tank top and sheer blouse under a wrap sweater or coat…pieces that can be worn separately or together. The trick is also to make sure you add just a hit of the season’s hottest colors, and everything gets updated. Here are 4 must-haves for season-less dressing...(more)

Glitterati Hottie: Interview with IGIGI

I’ve been a fan of IGIGI for their incredibly fashionable and curve-hugging clothes since my days at Mode Magazine. Imagine how excited I am to tell you that they have captured that same sensuality and quality in jewelry. It’s statement yet playful, elegant yet affordable, it’s what we’ve been waiting for in great pieces for spring. Read our Q&A with IGIGI for more information!...(more)

Rain, Rain

plus size trench coat from Jessica London
Remember when you were a little kid and you sang, “Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Back Another Day”? You’ve grown up and so has your rainwear…it’s every-wear. From great looking all-weather jackets and coats to rain boots that are so adorable you’ll be calling for rain, you’ll be reminded of why so many romantic movies end with the passionate kiss in the rain. And just maybe, you’ll create your own romantic scene...(more)

Get in the Mood

Can different colors affect your mood? Absolutely! As we have learned more about colors over the years, we have seen everything from hospital gowns to classroom colors change in an attempt to make us more restful, perk us up, or make us more receptive to information. So when you go to get dressed tomorrow morning, dress for the mood you want to be in, not the mood you’re actually in. You'll be surprised at what might happen...(more)

Not Your Mother’s Shapewear

We all have vivid recollections of when we were kids and for me, one of them was when my mom would come home from a long day at work and take off her girdle. It didn’t matter how thin my mom got, she wore a girdle that could only be described as body torture and when she took it off, you could literally hear her body’s sigh of relief. While we may not have come that far in being satisfied with our bodies, technology now lets us achieve a more perfect shape without the torture. We all know wrinkles are face agers, but we sometimes forget that midriff, stomach and lower abdomen shapes can be body agers. Here are a few magic makers to take years off your body...(more)

Hello Legs!

Yes, it’s Springtime…that time of year when we grow legs again. That time of year when dresses are in full bloom – short and long, tight and loose, classic and trendy dresses of every shape, style and size are about to invade your closet! The best part is that there is also a dress for every occasion, and here are just a few great picks from our hundreds and hundreds of fabulous plus size dresses...(more)

Tunic Tutorial

The great thing about tunics is that “you can have it your way”…the perfect length and the perfect fit for your height and shape. Just keep in mind that the fit should not cling to the body, but should be somewhat fitted in the neck and bust area to keep it feminine and flattering. And make sure you wear the right kind of pants with your plus size tunic. Wide-leg or baggy pants and jeans will look too bulky. Instead, wear leggings, fitted pants or skinny jeans with a tunic. Narrow and more fitted pants with high heels are great for your evening tunics. Sandals and narrow, ankle-length pants will have you looking euro-chic during the day! Here’s a few tips on how to dress your shape since looking great is always a body ‘balancing act’...(more)

Fashion Democracy

fashion demo
Just like one size does not fit all, one style doesn't fit all either. That's why OneStopPlus.com created the world's first and only plus size shopping mall. Our 200 brands provide every style for every woman, and our three core brands, Woman Within, Roaman's and Jessica London, are as diverse and multi-dimensional as our millions of customers. Reflecting both our lives and our lifestyles, our brands are like our friends…they have distinct ‘personalities’ that live really well together and can fit all our moods and needs...(more)

Oscar Ready

red carpet
You may not have known how to pronounce her name, but now you know why Lupita Nyong'o (pronounced Lew-peet-tuh En-yon-go), has "it" in her name. The 2014 Oscars confirmed her status as Hollywood's new "It Girl" fashion icon. And while we won't be copying her plunging-to-the-waist with no sides gown, the gorgeous powder blue was simply stunning. It was as elegant as her speech, and the 31-year-old Yale Drama School graduate left the audience in awe of her class and articulation. As far as fashion, black and white ruled! Even the men had as many white dinner jackets as black. The women softened the black look with lace inserts, sheer overlays and interesting details. A few shots of red and some blushing "brides" (wives of stars) completed the evening. Here's how to steal the celeb styles we saw at the 2014 Oscars...(more)