Sexy Style

Not since Venus d’ Milo, that goddess of beauty, has draping looked this good. One of the best spring trends is draping, in tunics, sweaters and dresses. Even some tees are draped because they add an element of comfort with a very flattering fit.


I love Kiyonna! And the creator’s story is like so many successful people who just happen to combine a great idea with genuine marketing savvy. Kim is a really smart girl who saw a need, did the research, and ended up creating a beautiful line of sexy, curve-hugging fashion for the younger plus-size customers.

Got It Covered

So many of us have gone from jackets to sweaters, mostly because of comfort. I’m no exception…give me a wrap sweater with draping that I can put my ever-present belt, and I’m a happy girl, from casual to dinner out. But every once in a while, I realize that there is nothing as flattering as a really good-fitting jacket.

Hollywood Sparkled

It was endlessly long, especially if you started watching the pre-show coverage to see all the fashion. But what’s 7 hours for fashionistas? Endless! The first Cinderella dress was magical, the 8th one started to feel like Hollywood was more about fantasy than the movies they make.
Think Spring???

Think Spring???

This weekend has been the coldest in thirty years, so why should I even think of spring clothes? First, if you are one of the more popular sizes...14, 16, 18... It's the one way you can make sure you get the great spring clothes you want.

Fifty Years and Fifty Shades

Sometimes timing really makes us think. This weekend was one of the most interesting juxtapositions I could imagine. It was that Lesley Gore died and Fifty Shades of Grey dominated the box office.

It’s Official!!!

Amidst all the publicity for the most provocative cover in Sports Illustrated calendar history, there is an ad in the issue that is getting just as much press coverage. It has the gorgeous plus size supermodel Ashley Graham, in all her amazing size 14 curves.

Best Grammys Ever!

The goal of this year’s Grammys was apparently to have something for everyone, and it really succeeded. In the past few years, it seemed like hip hop heaven with a major dose of bubble gum, but this year had such a great combination of artists that it really felt like a true celebration of music.
Sweater Style

Sweater Style

There is no more versatile piece of clothing than a sweater. Think about it…with every bottom, whether you wearing jeans, pants skirt or dress. With every top, whether a blouse, tee, tank or jacket. And it’s season-less, perfect for the cold weather and great in warm weather with or without air conditioning.